Order Processing Page

Welcome! You are probably here to see how far your order is from being packaged. Thank you for ordering and for your patience while we package your stationery goodies. While our normal processing time is 2-3 weeks, processing times may be extended during large sales and events. For this reason, please refer to the top of our website to see the current processing time displayed on the announcement bar.

Order Type Description Current Order 
Regular Orders Orders that do not contain any preorder products
Sale Orders N/A N/A
Advent Preorders N/A N/A


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My order number is before the posted order number, and I have not received a shipping notice.

There are many possibilities for this!

  • First, check your account history for the order status to see if it says fulfilled. Fulfilled means shipped! Sometimes shipping notices are marked as spam or promotional content.
  • Next, check whether your order contains any preorder items. Preorder items have a disclaimed processing time of up to 3 months. We disclose this at the top of the description on each preorder item.
  • If you see your order number is less than 25 away from the posted order, please allow an additional 1 business day. We almost always pack sequentially, but shipping notices might be slightly out of order.
  • If your order is still not fulfilled after confirming it contains no preorders and it is more than 25 away, then please email info@thestickiezombie.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: If I preorder something, does the non-preorder items ship first?

A: Since shipping is paid once per order, we send out one package. Therefore, we need to wait for all items of your order to be ready. If your order contains a preorder, then your entire order will not ship for up to 3 months until the preorder product is ready!